West Rand Tool Hire Companies – #1 List of Professional Tool Hire Companies in West Rand

Tool Hire Companies in West Rand

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Coastal Hire provides a wide range of well maintained equipment. They strive to exceed customer expectations by offering great service, fair pricing, competent staff and high standards.


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Lamsons Hire provide an extensive, well maintained selection of rental equipment to the building, construction, DIY and maintenance sectors across the country.


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Talisman Plant and Tool Hire offers quality equipment, prices to suit your budget and quick deliveries to meet your deadlines. We have stores country-wide and offer a huge selection of tools such as arial work platforms, heavy duty breakers, brick and tile cutting, chemical toilets, compaction equipment, compressors concrete finishing and mixers, drills, sanders, gardening equipment, generators, saws, power tools and more.


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The benefits of tool hire

To me when I think of tool or plant hire I think of gigantic machines that scrape and impact, drill and crush. Times have changed. Hiring specialised, or even ordinary tools, is available for even the most mundane job now. Take for instance a ladder, its a tool yet not many people own one, or if they do it is probably one that cant help them repair roof tiles. What a Hilti gun, that ingenious machine that shoots out nails in the blink of an eye? Its not a tool that people usually keep in their arsenal out in the garage, but the use of one can take hours and hours of time off a project. And to buy one for the use of only one project doesnt make sense at all.

What about tools? Angle grinders, orbital sanders, jigsaws? If you havent got them and you need them, hire them!

DIY Enthusiasts

Do you need to resurface your wooden deck, or re-seal your antique oak flooring? Your choices in hiring range from something quite small and adequate up to industrial sized machines that will remove heavily coated areas while sucking up almost all the dust residue. Even those pesky areas like edges, skirtings or hard to reach places like under stairs you will be able to hire the perfect tool to do the perfect job.

Maybe you need to pressure hose your deck before sanding? A pressure washer is not something one usually has lying around, and to hire a professional to do the job for you often doesnt seem economically viable. The hire of equipment alone without paying for labour can mean hundreds or Rands savings at the end of the day.

If you are an avid DIY enthusiast with a limited budget or space to store equipment, the option to hire simply makes perfect sense. From cutting bricks and tiles, to jack hammers for breaking up that old concrete patio.

Perhaps you need to attend to your garden and need a chain saw to cut down that overgrown hedge, a lawnmower or a weed eater to smarten up your borders or even a leaf blower to tidy up your estate. Even a wheelbarrow to cart away your hard work, youll find one!

Hiring elminates the cost and expense of buying, plus hire rates include delivery, maintenance and installation, if need be. You use it and return it, no hassles, no fuss.

Most Plant Hire and tool hire companies offer a full range of equipment from burdensome concrete mixers to simple cleaning equipment, from ladders to full scale scaffolding. Earth moving equipment, compactors, heavy duty breakers, and compressors; welding machines, concrete finishing machines, survey equipment and conveyor belts; water pumps and even specialised saws for cutting into concrete.

Portable high pressure fire fighting equipment that can be put onto the back of a bakkie and taken where its needed in hurry is no problem. And, if you need a compressor for spray painting or for driving pneumatic tools, you can get it.