Rustenburg Solar Geyser Installers – #1 List of Professional Solar Geyser Installers in Rustenburg

Solar Geyser Installers in Rustenburg

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How to claim

1. Your supplier/installer will give you the claim form, with their details already filled in
2. Complete your details and attach the required documents (original invoice, copy of ID and copy of utility bill and/or electricity bill)
3. Post the claim to facilitating auditors; Deloitte, in the self addressed envelope provided or drop the envelope off in a designated drop box within 6 months of installation. You will receive SMS notification when the auditors receive your application, when your application is processed and queued for electronic payment or if your application is incomplete.

Payment of the rebate is made within 8 weeks from date of receipt.

Solar Water Geysers, Green Power for SA?

For those who do not know what a Solar Water Geyser is, it is simply a "solar assisted" water heating system that kicks in now and again in order to boost the water temperature. Run on electricity, it uses a solar controller as the brains behind the system. The best thing is that it runs off around 50W, thats less than an average light bulb! The pump only operates for short bursts at a time and it is this that keeps the electricity usage down. This mechanism protects the geyser from overheating or freezing at night. On top of this, the controller maximizes performance of the geyser and its output capacity. The solar controller acts in its capacity by measuring the temperature of the water in the geyser, when it reaches a certain temperature it activates a circulation pump which in turn moves heated water into the geyser. When the temperature in the geyser and the temperature of the solar collector are the same, the controller stops the pump, allowing the solar collector to heat up again and so on the process continues. These systems produce between 50% and 90% of our heated water requirements, which equates to anything upwards of a 70% saving on your electricity or heating bill! If this is not incentive enough to persuade you to walk the path of alternative energy, then you may be further encouraged to hear that Eskom are offering great incentives to those who change over.