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Uses and advantages

As the word Pressure suggests, a pressure washer or cleaner combines a very high flow rate with high pressure together with high steam temperatures in order to provide the user with an effective and powerful cleaning results. Used in both commercial and industrial environments this type of cleaning is best in applications that require heavy duty degreasing.

Heated versions of high-pressure cleaners provide better results than their cold-water counterparts as heat greatly enhances and simplifies any cleaning process, especially when it comes to dissolving grease. Cold water on the other hand is capable of causing greasy particles to harden in clumps that become very difficult to dissolve and remove, unless used with a suitable degreasing solvent. Extremely high temperature steam under high-pressure can on the other hand has the ability to cut through tough grease and oily deposits instantly dissolving it and washing away stubborn dirt and stains.

Ejecting steam at temperatures easily above 330?F, high-pressure cleaners are beneficial in many industries and especially in food manufacturing plants as they are able to deal with large amounts of grease and stains in an acceptable and sanitary way.

However, today pressure machines are available that offer all three pressure-washing capabilities, these being:- Cold water based Hot water based Steam based

These advanced pressure cleaners allow the user the benefit of all three versions in one user-friendly simple construction. All the user need do is connect the pressure cleaner to a garden hose and with the aid of pressure of up to 8000 psi (that is pounds per square inch), start blasting the dirt, stains and grease away. There are times when additional cleaning power is needed and many of these high-pressure machines offer the user added aid which comes via a pressure chemical injection or a siphon hose and which allows the user to add chemicals to water being that is being forcefully ejected. In todays climate of eco-friendliness, and for the best results, green cleaning formulas should be the first choice. Besides being environmentally safe and non-toxic these cleaners are, in most cases, actually more powerful than what their potentially dangerous counterparts are.

Until quite recently, high-pressure cleaners were the domain of industrial settings, yet with technology producing compact and lightweight cleaners that are reliable, safe and easy to use and it is quite common today to see a variety of cleaners in use in commercial settings, even home environments.

Choosing a machine

High-pressure water cleaners are also available in a range of power options from electric to petrol and even propane. Electricity driven models are more lightweight and compact than petrol or propane powered models and because of this makes them one of the best selling versions on the market today. They operate silently, require little maintenance and do not release toxic carbon fumes, making them in essence, a "green cleaning machine". However, outdoor operators who do not have ready access to a power source have the choice of either petrol or propane powered systems.

In order to make the best choice possible when selecting a high-pressure cleaners and one that can stand up to the job at hand, whether it be industrial or commercial, one should only consider those models that are available from leading suppliers. This will ensure that the pressure cleaner is of high quality construction, has extended productivity and machine life span.

Home use

Before contemplating cleaning your home environment with the aid of a high-pressure cleaner, ensure that you are well protected. This means protective boots, ear protectors and a good set of goggles. Secondly, before you start remove all items from your path that are liable to get damaged by the pressure stream, such as patio furniture and garden sprinklers, clay pots and anything else that can get damaged during the pressure wash.

The tip of the pressure cleaner should be kept the same distance from the surface at all times, changing this distance will result in some areas being cleaner than others which will show up as an uneven colour, some areas being darker while other areas will appear lighter. Wood high-pressure cleaning also dictates consistency in distance, too much pressure and you are liable to damage the wood. Ensure that when you are pressure washing wood use movements that go with the grain, much as you would if you were sanding it. Use smooth and consistent movements with just the right amount of pressure to lift dirt and mildew whilst leaving the wood undamaged.

If you are using chemicals you should never apply them directly to the surface; they should be applied with a sprayer or other equipment that comes with the system.

It is not that difficult to achieve professional results from pressure washing yourself. Using the right equipment, the right cleaning solutions and the right action will leave your home looking clean and smooth.