Pretoria Instant Lawn Suppliers – #1 List of Professional Instant Lawn Suppliers in Pretoria

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Instant lawn supplies, Lawn insect and weed treatments, etc


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Greenkite Instant Lawn - A company that supply, deliver and install fresh green lawn straight from the farm.

We specialize in kikuyu, LM berea and evergreen products.
We put integrity first, a commitment that produces customer satisfaction.

Our schedule is truly flexible, call us anytime for a free quote.


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Specializing seeding, Plug Planting as well as Sod Planting.


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Suppliers of instant lawn to small and big buyers.


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An indigenous semi-shade grass with a medium textured broad leaf. It has good heat and draught tolerance


Coarse textured, dark green grass. Improved shade tolerance, but requires some sunlight to grow. Requires less water and infrequent mowing. This is an indigenous grass with good disease resistance, tolerates heat, cold and traffic.

Cynodon (Bermuda)

A fine textured creeper. Good drought, heat and wear tolerance. Slow growing and well suited to saline conditions at the coast


This is a medium textured, bright green grass that forms a thick mat. Has vigorous growth that requires frequent mowing. Needs well drained soil and water. Prefers full sun and is not shade tolerant

Paspalum (Bahiagrass)

Tough, coarse textured grass. Suited to a variety of conditions. Good disease tolerance, low maintenance with infrequent mowing.

Other Types of Instant Lawn and information

Royal Blue grass
Establish a new lawn
Grass plugs
Grass sods Roll-on lawn
These sods are machine cut and have a uniform width and thickness