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Green Cube is a professional gardening company based in Pretoria, Gauteng, which specialize in maintenance, landscaping, irrigation and maintenance for the corporate, industrial and residential markets. Your garden is an investment and we will assist to increase the value of your property or business by designing the perfect landscape for your requirements, ensuring that it stays beautiful and well-kept through regular maintenance.


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Do you need an alternative to natural grass? Are unsure of which grass type would best suit your needs? Would you prefer to have a wide range of artificial grass types to choose from? Are looking for a one stop quotation shop? Then Eco-Grass South Africa may be the company you are looking for. You can have all of these... More quality, More value, More time, More affordability!!!


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Benefits of artificial lawn

But why would you give-up your current lawn for a "fake grass lawn"? Artificial grass has several advantages over natural lawns. Natural lawns in South Africa are often kikuya, berea, buffalo or bermuda. These grass types need plenty of sunlight and water to stay green. If you live in an arid part of the country or have a shaded area in your lawn, then natural grass will not provide the green cover you need.

Artificial grass will withstand wear and tear better than natural lawn. Pets will often run along the same line on a lawn, causing dead patches on the lawn. Artificial grass does not have this problem.


Lawn maintenance is a thing of the past, well almost. An artificial lawn requires no cutting, watering, insecticides or fertilizer, so less garden service needed.

It is ideal for roof gardens, around pools, shady areas in your garden or even a small townhouse garden.

There are a few disadvantages to using a synthetic lawn. The grass will get much hotter than natural grass in summer. Your artificial lawn will require disinfecting from time to time.

If you have a small lawn, and hate maintaining it, then get an artificial lawn installed.

The history of Artificial lawn

Today's artificial grass has it's roots back in 1966 when Astroturf was used for the first time in Major league baseball. Astroturf has gone through several evolutions and today we have modern or third generation artificial grass.

Artificial or synthetic lawn manufacturing has improved, and the cost has gone down over several decades, to the point that this type of lawn is now cost effective in the residential market.