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Bathroom Fitting Suppliers in Port Elizabeth

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We are suppliers of all types of bathroom fittings with a wide range to choose from.


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We stock and supply exquisite bathroom fittings and plumbing supplies.


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We provide plumbing services, and we also supply a number of materials such as:

Plumbing materials, sanitary ware, taps, baths, geysers, sinks, pipes & fittings.


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We are suppliers of bathroom fittings and plumbing supplies.


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Adding value

Firstly, what is a bathroom fitting? For those who arent too sure a bathroom fitting is anything that is fitted in the space. The bath itself and the shower, the toilet roll holder, vanity mirrors, taps, shower heads, cabinets and towel rails. You get the picture.

The bathroom suite

Even the simplest of bathrooms, well painted walls and contrasting tiles will benefit from a great bathroom suite. Changing an old one for a new one is always first choice as the contemporary designs on offer today offer the homeowner a wide variety of choices that are modern, well constructed and that wear well.

Obviously most people work around a budget and finding a bathroom suite that fits into this is not as difficult as one thinks it is helpful to think long term though, what is spent today will add literally thousands in investment in the future, so choose carefully. Get the best quality you can afford.

Even if you are only changing your bathroom suite you will find that contemporary designs fit well into existing spaces, and in fact can revive even a traditional room into something more modern and visibly more appealing. Or perhaps you are thinking of changing only your taps which has the ability of brining your bathroom into the 21st Century.

Many outlets offer perfectly teamed bathroom suites, the bath, toilet and basin all in one price. For those who are creatively challenged, this is a great idea youll get a bathroom that is perfectly co-ordinated, neat, clean and appealing.

If you have more of a creative flair, the world is your oyster! Creating you own design and finding fitting to match is enormously satisfying. Just remember re-sale though, too much individuality on items that are fixed in place and that not easily be changed can actually put some people off.

The variety of suites on the market is staggering. Looking at the bath itself, your options range form corner baths, rectangular or circular, to deep spherical natural stone baths, Victorian cast iron to soothing jet baths, or a simple well crafted acrylic bath.

Not that long ago bathroom sinks, or basins were largely overlooked. Today you can find a host of designs to fit any budget. Form the proverbial pedestal basin, hand tooled stone, ceramic, drop-in or sit-on versions that come in glass, are round, square or rectangular. Just remember that your basin should blend in, not stand out.

When it comes to a toilet, your choices are just as vast. You can even find those that are environmentally friendly; they eliminate odours by extracting air through the sanitary fixtures and can control bacteria!

Choosing fixtures

Bathrooms are today a high-end commodity. With the almost endless variety of fittings and fixtures on offer you can pick and choose to your hearts content. Yet finding the ideal fittings may not be that easy a task. Firstly you need to consider how you want the end product to look and what features you want in it. Once you have a clear idea you can go about choosing. Your choices though need to fit not only your overall theme, but also need to fit in with practical needs, and overall use. Paying attention to detail will take you a long way.

Lets look at showers and showerheads. The list of showers available today is breathtaking, from bespoke right down to off the shelf, ready to be installed by a DIY enthusiast. Yet it must fit into the space and into your theme and it must be practical and well installed. Your choice range from a three sided corner units, siding door mechanisms that fit over an existing bath right up to high fashion, simple and elegant glass panels. Sliding doors, swinging doors or folding doors. Whatever you choose, ensure that your shower is practical when being used.

Showerheads have opened up a world of high-end suppliers and you can end up paying more for your showerhead that you do for the shower itself. Again your choice should fit your theme, be practical and appealing.

People who choose high-end bathroom fittings do so for a reason. Firstly they want a high quality and long lasting fitting, but more than that they want a high-end, luxurious space to bathe in. They understand that a little more spent upfront will reduce costs later down the line. They also understand that they value the put into their home will be returned many times over in the future.