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Security Gate Installers in Polokwane

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Est. 1969

SA`s top manufacturer and professional installer of blinds and shutters. At Windovert we have the widest range of high quality products, allowing us to provide solutions to all your sun and light control requirements. Blinds. Vertical. Wooden. Bamboo. Roller blinds. Also vinyl & wooden folding doors. Window blinds and shutters.


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Expandable Gates

If you`re not familiar with expandable security gates, youre missing out! In a nutshell these types of security gates have been designed for ease of use, aesthetic value yet with high levels of security in mind. With mechanisms that allow instant locking that negate the need for keys, high grade rollers and tracks that are tamper proof, nylon fitments that prevent wear and tear and the ability to open out of sight. These doors are much sought after by most discerning home owners. In South Africa there are three major suppliers of these types of security gates granted they can be bought off the shelf and fitted yourself, but you will still notice one of these brand names on them. Each supplier however while offering an expandable security gate with instant locking device, have each designed their own versions. Lets start with Trellidor.

Trellidor Range of Gates

Trellidor offer three designs. The Trellidor Standard which is recommended for high risk areas, the Trellidor Plus recommended for very high risk areas and lastly the Trojan which is recommended for high to extreme risk areas.

Each however is constructed using basically the same materials and design which are:

Powder coated galvanised steel in standard or non standard colours
Are all custom fit
Suitable for doors and windows
Offer different choice in patented locking systems
Tamper proof fittings
Maximum strength shoulder slides and bottoms tracks
Guaranteed for 3 years in coastal areas and 5 years inland

Yet, each model offers slightly different features which affect the levels of security offered by each of its predecessor.

Trellidor offer a choice of either a dead-lock system or slam-lock system. The dead-lock does make use of a key to open and close and offer a draw-bolt that locks into place which offers a pull out strength exceeding 1000kgs. You also get to choose the position and height of the lock. It offers a five pin cylinder with custom cams and allows you to use one key for all security gates throughout your home.


At the top of their range, Maxidor offer the Maxidor MXM.

This security door comes stand with a slam-lock mechanism, has a low profile bottom track, no moving metal onto metal parts, double uprights between its posts and incredibly strong connectors. It is a door that is recommended for almost any applications including doors and windows.

The Maxidor D12 offer high value for money and also comes standard with 2 x two point slam-locks, the specifications are almost identical to the MXM except for its design. Where the MXM is suitable for high-end applications, the D12 is available at a more affordable price tag.


Xpanda have without doubt the largest range of expandable security gates in their range. Under the name Classic Range their offering are as follows:

Multi-Guard Rated A by most insurance companies this security gate offers sold brass rivets set into a solid steel construction. It uses a slam-lock mechanism and the whole gate is galvanised and epoxy coated in a range of colours.

T-max Also A rated. The T-Max comes in steel and aircraft grade aluminium or stainless steel. It offers low profile bottom tracks and is a custom built and fitted gate. Slam-lock mechanism comes standard with a tamper proof lock. Also boasting solid brass and stainless steel rivets this gate is polyester powder coated and comes in a variety of colour choices It has a 20% - 25% stack

The Xpandor A customised gate which is fully framed and which offers an easy sliding mechanism. It also offers slam-lock, low profile bottom tracks and powder coated finishes This gate offers a 15%-20% stack

The Xpandor The specifications for this expandable security gate are the same as the Xpandor with added features. One of its notable features is that it is available in a curved application. This gate that is also A rated by insurance companies.

X-Door An affordable solution for doors or windows that is constructed with double vertical tubes, glass filled nylon runners for strength as well as easy use. Custom made this gate has been tested for the South African market and passed the SABS ISO 9001:2000 standard. Available in a wide range of colours this gate forms a fully framed barrier once fitted.

Saftidoor This gate operates without tracks, yet still provides a viable barrier against intrusion. One fully retracted this gate can be swung away. It comes in stock sizes and offers a two pin slamlock mechanism.

An Overview of the Options

Expandable security gates are available either fully framed or not. Most operate on a system of bottom and top tracks, but they are also available without while still offering high levels of security. The trackless type of expandable security gate allows users the ability to swing or fold it away once fully opened which is helpful in tight spaces. Bear in mind that an expandable gate will take up anything between 15%-20% of the door space when fully opened.

While most offer a slam-lock mechanism for safety and ease of use, some doors are still offered with a mechanism that requires a key to open and close and on request most gates can be fitted with this type of locking mechanism.

With powder coating and galvanised steel options, you need not worry about installing an expandable security door at the coast. And you get the option of a host of colours.

Most expandable gates are custom made which helps take care of uneven areas.