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We are accredited installers of garage doors, electric fencing, and Centurion gate motors. Wood, roll-up, industrial, and Corotex garage doors; free-standing and wall-top electric fencing; D3/D5/A10 motors and vectors. General steel work.


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Steel palisade

Your property fence is the first line of defence against any would be intruder. Design of a property fence has to be carefully considered to achieve the maximum benefit in terms of it's function. A domestic fence, is a barrier to prevent intrusion or to mark a boundary. In South Africa, steel palisade fencing is often used for this purpose. Security design principles for palisade fencing Fencing in the front of your property should not restrict your view Palisade fencing is the preferred choice, also consider low walls You should have at least 50% visibility through your palisade fence Keep shrubs in front of your fence, below 70cm Motion activated lighting should point downwards from your fence