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Saunatek has become South Africa`s largest sauna company through innovation, product development and an uncompromising commitment to quality.


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South Africa`s premier manufacturer of luxury baths and spas. They have become well known for the ``Designer Series`` jetted bath range as well as the extensive Summer Place Inground spas and the PowerForm portable spa range.


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You can't live without it!

We specialize in the factory direct sales of Saunas, Sauna kits, Pre-fab Saunas, Sauna heaters and Infrared Saunas.

Whether you're building your own home sauna or looking for a pre-fab or infrared sauna, we will take care of your sauna needs.


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Saunas relax your muscles and refresh your mind.

A sauna must be able to cope with both dry head and clouds of steam. Our saunas are built for all kind of bathing.


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We offer the best quality custom built saunas using top quality Scandinavian Spruce or Western Red Cedar, as well as various basic and luxury free-standing saunas with optional extras.


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Why use a sauna, what are the benefits?

In every gym, health club or spa you visit today, you will most likely find a sauna or steam room.

What is it with saunas that makes them so attractive to people?

What is it about saunas that makes them so indispensable to gym's, Health clubs and Spas?

Well, it's because you can gain a lot of health benefits if you use a sauna.

Improves Cardiovascular health

Staying inside a sauna for 10 to twenty minutes can actually cause the same effect on the cardiovascular system as a brisk walk or even a jog. The breathing conditions inside the sauna make your lungs work harder and for your heart to pump blood faster. This strengthens your heart and improves blood circulation.

Helps in Weight Loss

The ultimate effect of a sauna to the cardiovascular system lies in the effect it has on the body metabolism. Since your blood flows faster through your veins, it also follows that you burn energy faster. Not many people know this, but your body actually keeps burning calories long after you've gone out of the sauna.

Good Skin health

As mentioned before, a sauna session helps speed up your blood flow. One benefit of this is to the skin. Increased blood flow will cause blood vessels in the skin to expand making the skin taut and young-looking. Good blood circulation will give your skin that rosy-pink tinge that people associate with great health and beauty.

Another way that a sauna session can help your skin health is by actually reviving it. With the existence of a lot of pollutants in the air today, people's skin is being poisoned and it ends up looking dull. A sauna session can help revitalize your skin. It helps you sweat more and thus get rid of the dead skin cells easier. A sauna session also helps in moisturizing your skin making it smooth and soft to touch.

Helps Get rid of toxins and fat

Did you know that 30 percent of the body's wastes are excreted out of the skin through sweat? By inducing a good sweat, most of the harmful toxins inside your body are excreted making you feel fresh and clean.

Of course, toxins are not the only problems we have in our bodies. We also have the problem of fat. A good sauna session, together with a massage, can actually help break down fatty deposits under the skin and helps your body use them up or excrete them through sweat. For a lot of people, this means less fat and maybe a farewell to your cellulite if done regularly.

These are just some of the health benefits of using a sauna. It's not just about relaxation and socialization - it's also about becoming healthy and good looking too. The key to getting all these benefits is to use a sauna on a regular and consistent basis. Having a home sauna makes that much more convenient and likely.

Luckily getting a home sauna is much easier and more affordable than ever.This makes a great home improvement project that will increase the value of your home and improve your health at the same time.

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