East Rand Nurseries & Garden Centres – #1 List of Professional Nurseries & Garden Centres in East Rand

Nurseries & Garden Centres in East Rand

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Come in and design your garden for an exciting experience to suite your preferences. We have experience in Home/Office and industrial gardens.


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Instant Trees Nursery specialize in (high quality container grown) established trees and can proudly say that we grow more than 50 species (both indigenous and exotic) in large quantities. We specialize in the following size trees: 20 litre, 40 litre and 100 litre containers


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What to expect at a Nursery?

Nurseries are often a great day out to search for plants and shrubs, garden furniture and landscape design ideas. Most have fabulous tea gardens and are a great Sunday outing for the family.

Creating a beautiful garden isn't always an easy task especially if you aren't sure of which plants and trees are suitable for your specific landscape or garden.

There are hundreds of plants and shrubs to choose from. Plants that prefer sun, plants that prefer shade, indoor and outdoor plants, plants that require minimal maintenance and then those that require daily care and the occasional spritz of water.

A nursery is a great place to get helpful information on selecting any of the above and using that advice to create the perfect back garden or front lawn.

Some Nurseries even provide full landscaping services, be sure to ask for as much information as possible and this will decrease the chance of you selecting the wrong plants for your garden.