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East Rand : Germiston to Springs
Family run business, established in 1954.

We are a member of BAPMA and guarantee or products and installations.

We also offer super ultrasonic cleaning for fabrics and blinds.


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Benoni, Boksburg, Brakpan, Alberton

Southern Right Blinds supply and install blinds for the domestic, industrial and commercial markets.

They also supply agents countrywide and export.


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With over 30 years of experience, we are a leading contractor company that specialises in a wide range of services: Building Maintenance, Renovations, Partitioning, Painting, Waterproofing & Damp Proofing, Roofing Repairs, Ceiling Installation & Repairs, Carpentry, Wet Works, Blinds, Turnkey Projects, Client Installations, Epoxy Flooring, Ting, Electrical Works Plumbing Works, Wet Works, Asbestos Removal. Professional advice and service guaranteed.


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BTM Construction trading as Ukudlondlobala Trading Pty (Ltd)
We are a professional building construction company whose ultimate goal is customer satisfaction. We specialise in the areas of General Building, Plumbing and Cleaning. We endeavor to always please our clients .Feel free to contact us now for a professional quotation.


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Why blinds?

by Bev Bennett from Ed's Blinds

The old story that windows can only be covered with curtain fabric has long since been discarded. Today there is a large range of very beautiful blinds that can take the place of curtains. Ask your Blind company to introduce you to these new blinds. In the home owners situation the decorative blinds are the most popular with the control of light and privacy being a close second. In the corporate world it is for the practical application.

Verti panel Blinds

The verti panel is similar to the standard Vertical Blinds but the blades are wider 250mm and can have wooden highlights in contrasting colours at the bottom instead of bottom weights. The highlights can also be attached half way up the slat to enhance the dcor. There are no chains connecting the bottom of the blades together as on the standard vertical. These have a very new modern look particularly on large floor to ceiling windows.

Vertical Blinds

These come in narrow vertical blades made of various fabrics and block out materials up to 127mm wide with a wide variety of colours and designs. These are now known as office blinds but today once again are getting to be popular with home owners. These are a few of the uses of the vertical blind:

a) They control the suns rays and light entering a room. Depending on the fabric selected this can be minimal to almost total block out.
b) Due to the wide range of fabrics available they are also decorative.
c) By selecting a suitable fabric they can provide a level of privacy.

Not recommended for bathrooms and kitchens as the steam can cause a problem.

Panel Blinds

They hang vertically but do not swivel. The width of panels are from 200mm to 1.1m depending on window size. The first panel is fixed and the others stack in behind when open.

There is a large range of fabric in different colours textures and designs which take these blinds out of the normal into the most exquisite blinds available at the moment.

These blinds are especially suited to sliding patio doors or large windows.

Venetian Blinds

These are supplied in aluminium, natural wood or artificial wood vanes which hang horizontal in the window the more popular are the 25mm and 50mm. These blinds control sun and light up to a point but due to the vanes not closing completely on the longer drops, it is not suitable for total block out conditions.

The aluminium type come in various colours including wood grain, multi coloured, hammer, perforated and metallic finishes. Popular for offices but also kitchens and bathrooms. Can be fitted on Glass doors, usually in offices. Not really suitable for the sea facing apartments and buildings.

The Basswood type are suited to both offices and domestic use with the artificial wood being better for damp or high heat areas like bathrooms and kitchens. Basswood can be matched with your furniture and wood fittings or in contrast. They look particularly good in boardrooms, studies or wood panelled rooms. The white is also very appealing.

Ideal for privacy. Depending on the window position . By tilting the vanes, will allow visibility out but not in from outside plus enough light in or out.

Roller Blinds

These roll up & down vertically as a panel up to 2.m wide. They are controlled by a chain or built in spring. The fabric needs to be flexible enough to roll up. Some of the vertical blind fabrics are suitable and there is a large selection of different fabrics for roller blinds. They are often installed to control light by using block out material one company supplys a channel down the sides to totally control the light.

a) Very good at blocking out sun & light. Used in Lecture rooms and bedrooms that need total darkness.
b) Are installed under Venetian Blinds for decorative situations needing light control as well.
c) Ideal for privacy using block out fabric.
d) The Sheerweave roller blind is good in that one can see out but not in unless there is a light on in the room.

Bamboo Blinds

Bamboo Blinds ( Indoor Types).

Similar to Roller blinds as a solid panel up to 2.4m wide, but rolls up from the bottom by means of a cord. This fabric can be imported Bamboo or Woven Wood weaved into a sheet which is cut to size.

a) They do help with sun & light control and some styles can come with a backing for better control.
b) With backing they give total privacy. Dampness can cause a problem on the coast or in bathrooms.

Bamboo Laguna (Outdoor Types). These work the same as indoor blinds especially made of natural fibre and treated to withstand rain & sun in outdoor use on patios etc. Note: They are not Storm Blinds and cannot stand up to gale force winds and heavy rain. Very few blinds can and should not be left down all the time.

Roman Blinds

These hang like a Bamboo blind but rise up in small panels which stack at the top partially under a pelmet made of a matching fabric. The fabric is usually curtain material to give the necessary flexibility which is more critical than for Roller Blinds and Bamboo.

a) As they are usually made up with a backing they do give control over light but should not be used in direct sunlight.
b) They are highly decorative due to the large range of curtain fabrics to choose from.
c) With the backing they provide privacy.