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Epoxy Flooring Specialists

Epoxy Flooring Specialists is proud to be a company responsible for the application of epoxy and polyurethane flooring systems. By offering a wide variety of colour treatments together with our high-strength epoxy resins and polyurethane coatings, we are able to provide commercial and industrial customers a safe, durable, chemical resistant, easy to clean and non-slip or decorative alternative for all concrete substrate applications, both new and old.

Our skilled epoxy flooring installers, backed by years of commercial experience and knowledge, and our state-of-the-art equipment will assure you that you will receive the best possible installation available today.

Preparation and the correct specification is key to a long lasting flooring system. Epoxy Flooring Specialists is an approved applicator and we work closely with our suppliers to ensure that you get the correct specification for your requirements, this also means that you will be backed by both Epoxy Flooring Specialists and our suppliers should there be an uncommon product or application issue. We are fully up to date with the latest resin technology and learn to use new product systems with ease.

We specialise in:

• High-build and epoxy enamel coatings
• Self-levelling flooring systems 1mm-4mm
• Highly chemical resistant floor and wall coatings
• Heavy-duty polyurethane and epoxy screeds
• Hygienic anti-microbial polyurethane floor systems

Should you have any technical questions regarding epoxy resins, polyurethane coatings or require more detailed information about flooring or our previous contracts please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We trust that this overview of our company clarifies our operation, aims and objectives and that the information contained herein will reassure you regarding our status as an established company.


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    Tel : 076 ...SHOW NUMBER

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    Year Est : 2005

    CIPRO Name : KZN Epoxy Flooring Specialists T/A Epoxy Flooring Specialists

    CIPRO No : 2006/02134523

    VAT No: 4610228225

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