Durban Electric Fencing Contractors – #1 List of Professional Electric Fencing Contractors in Durban

Electric Fencing Contractors in Durban™ is proud to showcase only the best, registered and certified Electric Fencing Contractors in Durban. Need qualified Electric Fencing Contractors for the job?™ is the place to find them! All the listed Electric Fencing Contractors below have been screened and certified, ensuring that their service and quality is the best in Durban. Find the top Electric Fencing Contractors in Durban now.

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We specialise in a wide variety of Fencing, including Palisade and Electrical Fencing. We offer residential, commercial and Industrial fencing to cover every single need. Many clients want a fence that not only provides Security but also provides aesthetic features to uplift their premises. We can give you the right fence for the job.

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- Precast Concrete Fencing - Steel Palisade Fencing
- Clear View Fencing - Wire Mesh Fencing
- Electric Fencing Certified Installer - Razor Wire & Wall Spikes
- Gates & Automation - General Steel Fabrication

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Electric Fencing info

An electric fence is the most cost effective way to deter, detect and delay a potential intruder.

An electric fence is basically a wire fence with a high voltage shock generally mounted on top of a wall or palisade fence.

For peace of mind and a good nights sleep electric fencing is the way to go.

Electrical Contractors Association - ECA(SA)

Electrical Contractors Association of South Africa is a registered non profit organisation that was formed to uphold standards in the industry and regulate and sustain the industry going forward. The Electrical Contractors Association represents electrical contractors at all levels, and is recognized by the Government, consulting engineers, CSIR, ESKOM as well as the Association of Municipality Electrical Undertakings as the spokesman for the Industry. The ECA also serves on the SABS Committee responsible for the Code of Practice for the Wiring of Premises. - Source: