Durban Awning & Carport Contractors – #1 List of Professional Awning & Carport Contractors in Durban

Awning & Carport Contractors in Durban

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Fixed awnings

Fixed awnings are permanently fixed to a building and are probably the most common awnings used for screen from sun and rain.

Retractable awnings

Retractable awnings can be adjusted to your requirements either manually or by motor. The motorised versions require a switch, much like a light switch that can be just as easily installed outdoors as indoors.

Freestanding awnings

Freestanding awnings are best identified as large umbrellas resting on a heavy base. They are portable and can be taken down and stored away.


Apart from protection against sun and rain, awnings can also offer you cost savings during summer months, as they are able to reduce the cost of running air conditioning by as much as 70% in some instances. Awnings are able to extend your living space by taking it outdoors and are readily available off the shelf or specially ordered in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials and designs.


The most common materials used in the construction of awnings are Aluminium awnings - Zincalume, Steel Or a variety of polyethylene The type of construction material chosen is highly dependent on where and how your awning will be used. Aluminium and polyethylene is the most common as they are cost effective and resilient. Steel on the other hand makes an ideal, long lasting support for awnings but it can be expensive and susceptible to rust. Fabric is usually the covering of choice but again aluminium can be used as well as corrugated Perspex or Polycarbonates.

Cloth Awnings - covers to match your use Cloth awnings are not as durable as Perspex, aluminium or polycarbonates, but have a larger following due to their ability to be created in almost endless arrays of colours, shapes and designs. As a rule of thumb, lighter awnings offer an airy feeling by allowing more UV light through but wont cool an area down as much as darker awnings will.