Cape Town Plant Hire Companies – #1 List of Professional Plant Hire Companies in Cape Town

Plant Hire Companies in Cape Town

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IMBA Plant Hire provides a full service backup which includes operator, mechanic, maintenance service,fuel, delivery and collection on site. They hire out front end loaders, excavators, digger loaders, water tankers, graders, bulldozers, tippers, trucks, etc.


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Reynolds Group has positioned themselves in the South African Market to supply and keep up with the high demand of construction equipment and access platforms at the lowest cost.


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Talisman Plant and Tool Hire offers quality equipment, prices to suit your budget and quick deliveries to meet your deadlines. We have stores country-wide and offer a huge selection of tools such as arial work platforms, heavy duty breakers, brick and tile cutting, chemical toilets, compaction equipment, compressors concrete finishing and mixers, drills, sanders, gardening equipment, generators, saws, power tools and more.


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Plant Hire

Even if you own or run a small company, what plant hire companies offer is easy access to a full range of tools that can be quickly and efficiently replaced, minimising time and costs associated with breakdowns. There is no need for large storage facilities, plus tool hire frees up capital to be used elsewhere. And you need never worry about depreciation. They will also usually take care of all the insurance premiums too. Hiring can be done either on a daily, as needs basis, for more long term hire a contract would normally be considered as part of the deal between those hiring and those needing to hire, but what this offers you is full cover on mechanical repairs and servicing. Having well maintained tools that work optimally first of all reduces staff safety but also reduces downtime of labour if a machine or tool needs to be taken off the production line to be repaired or serviced. Most companies tender on projects and once granted a tender would start gathering the resources to complete the job. Therefore it makes no sense to keep a full range of equipment in storage that would possibly only be used as and when necessary. Yet without the aid of these machines or tools the likelihood of being granted the tender is debatable. A company can hire what they want for how long as they the need it, and during their contract they have peace of mind knowing that their equipment will be in good working order and available to them at all times.

For the larger Projects

There are companies in South Africa that really go big with their offerings in response to demand. Take cranes for instance. Even large Civil works companies make use of Plant Hire and what they get in return is a service that delivers, erects, services and repairs on site and when the job is done, they dismantle.

Earthmoving equipment is another that comes to mind, these cumbersome vehicles are a prerequisite for many large civil works, yet owning and running these behemoths can be costly and risky. For a fraction of the costs of owning, they get a machine that is always in good running order, on site and working the hours they need it to be working. And when they are done, it goes back to where it came from. There is no need to keep large storage facilities and no need to have machinery sitting around idle between projects.

If you have need of tippers, loaders or 2.5 tonne rollers, excavators, 40 tonne lowebeds, water trucks or graders but dont have the budget to buy, then the solution is to hire.

When you consider that giants in the civil engineering community such as companies like Murray & Roberts, Stefanutti Stocks, Basil Read or Grinaker-LTA make use of Plant hire, they obviously know what theyre doing.