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Framed showers use a lot more hardware such as frames or borders and even though cheap hardware can keep the costs down, it will not stand the test of time and will be costly to replace further down the line. Frameless showers on the other hand has the emphasis is placed on the glass panel and for this reason it needs to substantially thicker and only clamps and hinges are required. Because of this and in spite of the fact that there are fewer components, frameless showers are usually more expensive, initially anyway. Further down the line they require no replacement parts.


Framed showers are harder to keep clean and are subject to mildew and other growing nasties that grow in those spaces that are not easy to get to. Rust can also be a problem if one is using cheap hardware, but this can be overcome by using a good grade stainless steel but this will add to the price. Frameless showers are without a doubt is easier to clean and maintain and on the whole, a lot more hygienic. Water cannot get trapped in the borders and lurking bacteria is eliminated which is a bonus if you live in a humid area such as KZN.


For the more traditionally minded or uninformed, framed showers tend to the shower of choice. The general public is often misinformed regarding security and safety of frameless showers, yet todays technology practically ensures that frameless showers can be installed and used long term with absolutely no fear of accidents or threat to bodily harm.