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Painting your home - paint colours and types
Paints contain "sheen" which refers to the level of gloss contained in it. High-gloss will come out very shiny while “matte” or “flat” paints won’t have any shine at all. Understanding sheen is important when it comes to choosing paints for walls and trims as each offer their own unique contribution. For example, “flat” or “Matte” paints are good at concealing scratches and imperfections, the other end of the scale being “high-gloss” aren’t so good, yet they are fantastic for use in high traffic or moist areas.
Flat or Matte
Perhaps the most commonly used paint for walls as it offers a smooth and matte finish. Being non-reflective, it is able to conceal imperfections making it a great paint for uneven surfaces such as dry walling.
Satin Paints or "eggshell"
These paints offer a low lustre or slight sheen finish which is perfect if you are after warmth and depth. They also lend themselves well to imperfect surfaces, especially walls.
Semi-gloss Paints
This type of paint is very durable but isn’t all that great at concealing imperfections, yet it is a great paint for bathrooms, kitchens, kid’s rooms and high traffic areas such doorways, window ledges, skirting boards and such like.
Gloss Paints
The most durable and hard wearing of all paint types. When applied it dries to a high sheen and because of this is great for use on doors, window and doorframes and baseboards. Not great for imperfect surfaces though bumps uneven surfaces will reflect back and appear far worse than they actually are. In order to get around this, you may be able to first apply a “matte” coating (or two), smooth the surface down and then apply a couple of coats of "gloss".