Home inspection in Nelspruit

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Home Inspection
A home is one of the most important investments you can make so don't be fooled by a fresh coat of paint and new flooring or carpeting. keep a sharp eye and consider the details.

There are a number of features that you can evaluate yourself, as listed below. The duty of a professional home inspector is to go beyond these. A Home inspector is trained to find latent and patent defects and advise a home owner.
Consider the layout
Is it big enough for your family and belongings?
Is there enough storage, garage space?
Is there adequate space to park your cars?
Is there a possibility of expansion, if that what you have in mind?

Look for amenities
Dishwasher, washing machine, tumble dryer, etc. Will these be easy to house if not already present.
Consider the yard
Is it large enough if you have pets or kids, will it require plenty or no maintenance.
Look for cracks in the driveway, wide or extensive cracks probably indicate drainage problems.
Look for foundation cracks, ceiling cracks, wall cracks..these show the structure is moving due to settling, soil expansion or earthquakes.
Check for water damage in ceilings and walls.
Check all windows open and close, check the handles and hinges are all working well.
Check all Doors both interior and exterior. Make sure they are all in working order and level.
Check if there will be adequate cupboard space for your clothes and storage needs
Check floors for moisture damage
Check stove is in working condition
Check that all electrical sockets and fitings are in working order and that the house comes with an electrical certificate.
Check that all the plumbing form taps to toilets are running and flushing correctly.