Bathrooms in Nelspruit

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Before you renovate
Renovating your bathroom can be expensive, but together with a renovated kitchen can add substantially to your home's value. A good bathroom contractor should be able to work with you to create the design that will both fit your desires and needs and that fits your budget. Buy a few recent magazines and see what the latest trends are, and get an idea of what you would like your bathroom to look like.
The cost
How much are you willing to spend? Always the first question to ask yourself. Level with your contractor as to how much you are willing to spend. This way he/she has a clear idea as to where they can go with the project. They will have a good idea of the limits when selecting materials and fittings.
Bathroom lighting
Lighting is important in all rooms, those bathrooms in the glossy magazines look so amazing, because the lighting has been designed to compliment the bathroom's features. If this means removing your ceiling and start from scratch, then consider it, if it falls in your budget.
What materials to use
Long gone are the days of plain ceramic tiles, surface coverings now come in an array of sizes, textures, colours. All adding to a particular feel to your bathroom. Ensure that all the elements in your bathroom work together, a professional designer will be of assistance here. Go out to a hardware supplier and feel the difference between the materials like stone, granite, marble, glass, wood. Do you want it on the floor or against the wall.
Bathroom size
Never make your bathroom smaller, unless it is bigger than your living room. A small bathroom will detract future potential buyers and reduce the quality of living in your home.
Plumbing & Electrical
Always use a professional. To minimize expense, don't move around the bath, toilet, basin in your bathroom. This means a substantial amount of work.
Professionals vs DIY
Professional Renovator vs D.I.Y Many people are put-off by the price involved in bathroom renovation. The simple answer to this is that your bathroom project is usually labour intensive. Old tiles, baths, basins, fittings etc has to be removed, then the surfaces prepared. The tiler has to deal with many corners and angles. New fittings are usually one of the most expensive items on the list. Consider this before embarking the DIY route.