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Timberhome vs Wendyhouse - the difference
So what is the difference between a Timber Home and a Wendy House?

A Wendy house, playhouse or cubby house is a small private "den" which children play in. The origin of the name "Wendy House" is related to Wendy, the heroine of the popular children's story "Peter Pan" written by Scottish novelist and play write J M Barrie. It was the place in which Wendy gave shelter to Peter Pan and the Lost Boys. The idea of a Wendy house is to encourage role playing and imagination development in young children. See also jungle gyms for kids.

A Timber Home or log cabin is basically a small house built from logs, wood, timber, etc and has a variety of uses such as increasing your living space, enhancing your garden, home offices, home gyms, entertainment rooms, home cinema, garage, summer house, timber pavilions, etc.
Institute of Timber Frame Builders
The Institute of Timber Frame Builders promotes and maintains acceptable Standards with regard to all Aspects and Disciplines of Timber Construction and to ensure protection of consumer interests. ITFB members are very proud of their unblemished construction track record, a track record that dates back from the late 70's. - Sourced from, http://www.itfb.co.za

There are many benefits to Timber Frame Building including: Its lightweight, strong, durable, suited to our climate, environmentally friendly and thermally efficient. It's notable to mention all structural timber in South Africa is harvested from sustainable forests.