Builders additions in Johannesburg

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Builders Additions
There are many additions one can make to your existing home or structure however itís important to note when making additions or alterations to your property that they have been well thought out and discussed with your builder or tradesman. Most common additions/alterations occur in the kitchen, bathroom, garage builds or in some cases veranda/patio extensions.

Once you have discussed the additions/alterations with your builder be sure to note if the extent of the additions/alterations require building plans and if these plans need council permission prior to any work being undertaken. This is often the case and generally a prerequisite if you reside in a estate as they too have their own by laws.

Once you have plans approved and accepted a quote to build your addition or do your alterations be sure to ensure that your builder follows and manages the scope of works thoroughly. In most cases conflicts between builders and customers arise when the customer or builder for that matter, deviate from the original plan and scope of work. Itís also a good idea to have your property reevaluated once you have completed your additions as this generally improves the value of your home or investment.

Check out the contractors listed above and ensure you research your builder properly before deciding who will take on the task at hand.