Swimming pool service in Cape Town

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Swimming pool service
The basic components in every pool are the pool pump, filter and multi valve.

Problems often arise with the multi valve leaking, and these leaks are due to the spider rubber seal inside the valve. Most hardware stores will sell this seal and it is quite easy to replace.

Swimming pool filter sand usually requires changing every 5 years.

Pool pumps circulate water to prevent algae growth, debris build-up and pH changes. As a general rule of thumb, your pool pump should circulate your pools' total water twice a day.

New generation pumps are lower power rated and can be run around the clock. Most pools have pumps with 0.75-2.00 kWh pumps. Newer pumps are rated at 0.10 to 0.28 kWh. Running these pumps will save a significant amount on your electricity bill.

Pool service companies will generally take care of all the maintenance needs of your pool, allowing you to enjoy a crystal clear pool.